Ripcord is a desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord. It provides a traditional compact desktop interface designed for power users. It's not built on top of web browser technology: it responds quickly to input, sips gently from computer resources, and gets out of your way. It does voice chat, too.


  • Not made from a web browser
  • Tabs
  • Multiple windows
  • Multiple accounts
  • Voice chat
  • Graphical emoji (including custom emoji)
  • Tab completion for user names and emoji
  • Powerful batch editing
  • Custom bookmark lists for easily accessing only the channels you actually use
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and sizes
  • Variable DPI and multi-monitor support
  • Low CPU and memory usage
  • Zero GPU usage
  • No tracking or analytics


  • Screenshot of Ripcord main window with dark theme
  • Screenshot of Ripcord's file manager window for Slack
  • Screenshot of Ripcord main window with light theme

Download Alpha Preview


What the

Does Ripcord cost anything?
Not right now. Eventually, it will. Probably between $10 and $30. You'll be able to use it without paying, but there will be a nag screen.
How do I prevent Ripcord from checking for updates before I'm able to open the preferences window to disable it?
Set the environment variable RIPCORD_ALLOW_UPDATES=0
Where can I view the license information for the third-party components used in Ripcord?
License information for the third-party libraries used in Ripcord. My thanks to the authors of these libraries for providing them.